Revox B-795 linear tracking turntable

by Andy on June 21, 2010

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Revox B-795 linear tracking turntable Picture(s) and Description:


Unusual Revox two-speed (33/45), linear-tracking turntable in good condition for its age. The tonearm currently has an Audio-Technica 440ML cartridge with a Signet stylus installed. The cartridge sounds good, but I have lost track of how many hours are on the stylus. I have used this turntable off and on in my main system over the past few years. The speed is accurate, and all automatic functions work well. To make the turntable work, you simply swing the cigar-box tonearm over the record. A light instantly comes on to illuminate the stylus so you can place it directly over the groove you want. Press the cuing release button, and enjoy the music. At the end of the record, the cartridge automatically lifts and the platter stops spinning. Very cool! There is a very small wear spot on the plinth in the right rear corner behind the tonearm. The dustcover must have rubbed up against it at some point. The dustcover is in reasonable condition with the usual swirls and surface scratches from years of use and cleaning. There are no cracks, and the hinges work well. Owners and service manuals for this model are available free online. I can provide printed copies if the buyer wishes. Overall, this is a very fun to use and great sounding turntable with many years of life left.

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