Garrard Lab 80 Turntable Record Changer Fully Serviced

by Andy on July 7, 2010

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Garrard Lab 80 Turntable Record Changer Fully Serviced W/Pickering V-15 This turntable/record changer is in excellent condition. It has been fully serviced and tested, comes with both the single & multi-play spindles. It has a Pickering V-15 cartridge with new stylus. All of these changers, even those with low use such as this one, suffer from "hardened grease syndrome". Over the years the old lubricants turn hard, and hold moving parts in place, rather then lubricating them. They MUST be dissembled, cleaned, re-lubed and adjusted in order to work properly. If you are buying a table that "spins but not fully tested", you are buying a table that needs this job done. If you have to pay a tech to do this, it would run at least what my BIN price is!! This table has been fully serviced, and performs correctly in ALL modes!! It comes with a Pickering V-15 cartridge, I installed a new aftermarket stylus. This is a great cart for this table, and it sounds very good. Appearance is excellent overall, including a nice custom made base. Please feel free to ask any questions! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Turntables are the # 1 item destroyed in shipping, due to incorrect packing!! I have packed & shipped many tables with no problems. The platter will be removed and the tonearm correctly secured. Here is a picture an example off the inner packing of a correctly packed TT: Here is how NOT to pack a Turntable. CLICK HERE ================================================================================== The Results Of One Sided Feedback: While my overwhelming feedback response is positive, including a 4.9 rating for "Item as Described", I have had some recent negatives that I feel where totally undeserved. Here is the full transcript of the transactions, so you can decide for yourself: 11/05/09: Problem; Antenna bracket broke during shipping (Or Unpacking!). OK, it happens. When I was notified, I offered to replace the part if I had one, OR offer partial refund to cover replacement part. A copy of all correspondence regarding this transaction is HERE. 09/15/09: A clear case of feedback Extortion. Read Here. 06/11/09: After being told I would be paid "tomorrow" twice over 2 weeks, I had no choice but to file for non payment. Little did I know, a buyer who does not pay, could still leave a seller negative feedback! Ebay has since closed this loophole, but will NOT remove it as it happened before the rule change! 04/09/09: This was for a perfume product I used to sell, and offered 100% refund! 11/21/08: My Fault, I forgot to pack the power cord! 06/19/08: This one really got under my skin, and is the reason I decided to post this. The OVERWHELMING response to this was in my favor. See THIS PAGE for details. I don't just sell Audio Equipment, I LOVE Audio equipment and have since I had my 1st Pioneer SX 1250 long before it was Vintage! Please continue to bid with confidence, as I treat every item I sell as if it was my own, and take great care in packing and handling! My personal cell phone # is included in all invoices! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This unit will be packed with great care, using layers of two inch thick styrofoam sheets, using peanuts or bubble wrap is a perfect way to destroy audio equipment! Click the link below to see the care we put into every item we sell. We don't just sell Vintage Audio, we LOVE it!! Please allow a few days for handling, as I will ALWAYS put correct, proper packing first!! Smaller Electronics Speakers Large Electronics Powered by eBay Turbo Lister The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

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